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Estonia - First Euro stamps for Estonia

One of the stamps issued on January, 3

One of the stamps issued on January, 3

18/01/2011 - At the stroke of midnight on December 31, Estonia joined the European countries that have Euros as their currency. Post Office that, in the last years issued stamps with denominations in two currencies, have soon adapted.
On January 3, the first set of stamps with denomination only in Euros was issued.
The set is not really new, because the Posthorn set has been in use since 2008, but now there are no double currencies.

The first issue has 5 denominations: 0.01 €, 0.05 €, 0.10 €, 0.50 € and 0.65 € in bright colours (respectively orange, rose, violet, ultramarine blue and dark green).
Stamps are printed by offset in sheets of 25 and are self-adhesive. Perforation is 12½ on all sides.

Even though the Estonia Post 2011 Stamp Issue Program does not include further releases of this set, new
denominations could be issued during the next few months, as it often happens with new definitive sets.

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