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Taiwan - Three new issues for Taiwan

Taiwan latest stamps

Taiwan latest stamps

02/10/2017 - Since January 2016, Chunghwa Post, the national Taiwanese Post Office, has been issuing an ongoing series of Fruits Postage Stamps.
There have been four releases so far. On the 20th July this year, four new stamps were released with values of 3.5 NT$, 5 NT$, 12 NT$ and 32 NT$ featuring mangoes, oranges, watermelons and grapes. Furthermore, they also released a single value of 3 NT$ (Nashi pear) on the 18th of August plus three stamps with values of 6 NT$, 8 NT$ and 28 NT$ on the 20th of September. These last ones feature pears, rose apples, bananas and pomelos.
With the last eight stamps released, the total in the set amounts now to 16.
The main technical features remain unchanged: dimension of stamps is 32 × 24 (mm), printed on phosphorescent stamp paper (100 per sheet), and perforation is 12½ x 13½.

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