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Glossary of philatelical terms

A block of two stamps.
Material of which usually stamps are made. There are many types of paper. Often definitives sets show interesting varieties of paper, due to the big number of printed stamps.
PERforated INitials; stamp on which were punched perforated initials of banks or agencies. It is a way to prevent the misuse of the stamps.
Rows of holes on stamps edges. Its goal is permit easy separation of the stamps. Perforation 13 x 14 means that bottom edge of the stamp is perforated 13 and sides 14.
Instrument to measure the number of holes in stamp edges. Usually it is a rectangular piece of paper on which there are many lines of little black circles lined up.
from the Greek 'philos', loving and 'ateleia' exemption from tax; the collection and study of stamps and related material.
Israelian stamp catalogue.
The name given to the rarest stamp of Italian Republic period. It is the 205L value of the issue that celebrated the visit of Italian President Gronchi in some countries of the South of America in 1961. There was an error in the stamp design, so it was replaced by another similar stamp.
Partcular way of distributing mail through air tubes below ground using compressed air. It was used in some Italian cities and also in U.S.A.
The stamps applied to the correspondence.
Stamps used to pay fees for underpaid letter. Usually it is not possible to pay the original postage with these stamps.
The value of a stamp given by most known catalogs. It is related to stamp preservation status, the mark, stamp centering, etc.

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