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Sri Lanka new definitives stamps set

Sri Lanka new definitives stamps set

03/11/2016 - On August 24th, the Sri Lanka Post issued a new set of definitives stamps picturing the flowers of the island.
There are twelve stamps in this new issue, with denominations from 1.00 Rs. to 50.00 Rs. The eight stamps with the lowest values are 20mm x 25mm in size, have perforation of 13 x 12¾ and are sold in sheets of 100; the remaining four stamps, with denominations from 30.00 Rs. to 50.00 Rs., are larger in size (25mm x 30mm), have perforation of 12¾ x 13¼ and are sold in sheets of 50 pieces.
They are all offset printed in quantities from 1,000,000 (for the 35.00 Rs. value) to 50,000,000 (for 10.00 Rs).

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